Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am really confused now..

Heard on the street in Saudi Arabia: "In (the West) it is considered freedom of speech if they insult Islam and Muslims,"

.. And Mohammed al-Shaibani, a columnist, wrote in Kuwait's Al-Qabas daily Monday. "But such freedom becomes racism and a breach of human rights and anti-Semitism if Arabs and Muslims criticize their religion and religious laws."

Where do they get this from? And which religious law does he want to bash? "Thou shalt not kill"? Well, go ahead..

All the time there are outcries to kill all sorts of people by muslims and now they freak out and go retarded just because of a cartoon row. Hell, they can create all the cartoons they want depicturing Jesus, Buddha or whatever they think would be insulting to a westerner. I somehow doubt that the people of Norway will rally in the streets and shout "Death to Saudi Arabia, may their heads explode".

This is truely strange.


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