Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Imams living in Denmark deliberately feeding lies to Arabic news media

Today on an Arabic news channel, the imam Raed Hlayhel could be heard saying, that every day pictures and articles are printed, which are much much worse than the ones printed in september.

Furtermore he said, that the Editor in Chief on Jyllands Posten had told him personally that the cartoons were an attempt to provoke.

This is simply a lie. There is nothing more to be said about that! ...

There is clearly a group of people (of which 95% doesn't speak any Danish) within the Danish society, who has been using the cartoon crisis to pursue a hidden agenda and promote themselves and possibly build a religious stronghold of some sort to be able to affect the political process in the Danish society. While doing so they are causing great harm to the Danish people and the companies, who fought hard in the middle east to establish themselves.

I am pretty sure, they are actually amazed themselves how big this has grown. A nobody imam with no friends coming to little Denmark suddenly succeeds in getting the entire muslim world population in uproar. What a victory it must have been.

Not even spit is worth wasting on these people.


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