Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mohammed on Wikipedia

The dude to the left of Jesus in the background is Mohammed

From the South Park episode Super Best Friends.

Where was Clinton? Apparently he thinks he is too good to watch South Park, while reading an obscure Danish newspaper with 100.000 readers is of course perfectly natural. Oh, well..

And in other news:
Western media consult muslim world in dispute over which colors can be used in newspaper illustrations. According to the quaran, illustrations may only be black and white. It is expected that most western media will cave in and show no pictures or cartoons at all in fear of reprisals.


Blogger birce said...

quaran has no restrictions over illustrations since it bans all illustrations regardless of their color or quality of print. it all depends on how strictly you interpret the text, and no interpreter is consistent enough to ban fancy caligraphies that are valued so much by devoted believers. plus, muslims dont seem to care as it might interfere with their campaign for holy jihad..

2:13 AM  

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