Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Palestinians burn big banner of Danish prime minister

I try to imagine how this came to be.. A random day hanging around on the west bank. Israeli soldiers are patrolling the streets, the birds are singing and the sun has just come out from under a cloud. By the fountain on the town square, two young palestinians..

Hamzi: Hey, lets burn a picture of their queen.
Jalla: Yes, good idea. I happen to have a A2 color laser printer and extra shiny paper in my toolshed. We can use that to print the banner of their king.
Hamzi: I thought they had a queen and not a king.
Jalla: Who cares! They are all transexuals in Scandinavia.
Hamzi: Oh yeeah! Like that movie we saw at your bachel..
Jalla: Shut up!


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