Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Talk about cultural differences

Our Lady of Cultural Differences


Today Palestinians took to the streets and poetically shouted things like "let the Danish monsters die" and "let their heads explode". While I do not actually condemn crazy talk like that, since there are actually a considerable amount of stupid Danish people (including myself), who should probably have their head exploded, I think it must actually be due to some kind of distorted reality caused by the bizarro world portals, which seem to be opening once again.

If I am right, the next scene should be something like Danish people "spontaneously" gathering in the streets, firing into the air with AK47's (or the Danish equivalent M75), while shouting death to Palestinians, Jews or all infidel atheist. Being a logical and peace loving people (to a certain degree), the Danes would probably only torture the agnostics until they were converted to the only true faith.

Someone close those portals, I am starting to feel the bizarro draft here. Will it get any worse?


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