Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hush hush! Danish goverment tells press to shut up!

Circulating SMS says:

خبر عاجل: الله أكبر! الله أكبر, هذا الصباح وجدت جثة الرسام الذي إستهزأ برسولنا الكريم محروقة قرب مبنى الصحيفة و الحكومة الدينماركية تتكتم على الخبر, إنشر

" Breaking news: God is great, God is great, this morning the cartoonist's body was found burned near the daily's headquarters. The government of Denmark is remaining hush hush about the news, please forward."

Well.. If you are an open minded person (religious or not) you will probably immediately bang your forehead into your keyboard and wonder what sick mind could come up with an SMS like that. There are 2 obvious errors in the text and some people may even find 4-5 errors. And there is no right answer, by the way..


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