Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just one of those ordinary hot days in the Dubai Police General Headquarters

Have a look at the bombastic language used on the Dubai Police General Headquarters website.

They start out with "It was one of those ordinary hot days in July" and watch out for gems like "No stone was left unturned to hunt down the gang" or "When confronting the accused with the new evidences , they broke down and admitted the crime".

Whoa!.. Sounds like pulp fiction to me. Don't mess with those dudes - they will hunt you down like a dog.

Also don't miss out on the mysterious case of The strange button.

If you have masochistic tendencies, you should dig through the case archive or perhaps look into the case of the month.

Dubai Police also reports the following indecent incidents:

- A 23-year-old Filipina was jailed for wearing a revealing dress in public.
- A worker who saw a group of men swimming together was jailed for committing a lewd act in public.

(.. and what was that all about??!)

- A drunk was fined Dh1,500 for committing an indecent act at Jumeirah Beach Park claiming he was "seduced by the devil".

(.. happens to even the best of us!)

- A Saudi who was jailed for unruly behaviour and being drunk protested by stripping off at the police station.
- Two Australians and a UAE national were jailed for indecent behaviour on a public beach.

via: Secret Dubai Diary


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