Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Propaganda in the middle east

False: 50% of Denmarks produce is exported to Saudi Arabia. I.e. we are the new muslim overlords of the Danish people and we can do whatever we please to them.
True: Under 3% is exported to Saudi Arabia, so I guess you will have to find another small country to pick on.


False: 30.000 Danish jobs will be affected immediately by a boycot.
True: In fact most products are produced on site and we all know what that means, don't we. The worst case scenario is loss of 11000 (in Denmark) jobs, which would then include spillover effect into other industries and years of boycotting.


False: A boycott would work because Denmarks economy relies mainly on agricultural and livestock production.
True: Well, we do actually produce a lot of pork, but I suppose you already boycotted that 1400 years ago.


False: Apology was coerced after internal pressure because the European Union felt the boycott.
True: *Sigh* .. Pressure for sure, but it wasn't internal. Jyllands-Posten felt a pressure because Danish citizen were threatened on their life and they didn't want to be responsible for any deaths due to a cartoon in a news paper.


Hello Feldman..


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